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DNG Energy, a subsidiary of The DNG Group, want to enable a positive energy future for all stakeholders and communities as we work towards transforming the way people think about natural gas as well as building a new energy opportunity for Africa.

We are  totally committed to being a trusted partner and to deliver a ‘Customer First’ experience while helping solve for all energy needs from first enquiry to  fulfilment in a smart and cost effective manner.

About our companies

DNG Smart Gas is championing the use of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) for road and maritime transport, specifically for the public transport (minibus taxis and buses), logistics (trucks), and shipping sectors.

DNG Power provides gas-to-power solutions responding to SA’s energy needs. We supply secure, cheaper and stable alternative energy (LNG), in line with the country’s national commitment to transition to cleaner sources of energy to support the economy while solving the current electricity generation crisis. We have the rights to import LNG to support the development of power generation capacity as per the country’s IRP, which seeks to add more generation capacity by 2030 in order to restore energy security.

DNG Industrial is a subsidiary of DNG Energy specialising in manufacturing and supplying of cryogenic and industrial gas storage, transport, and processing equipment. We are also a supplier of mining and industrial consumables, such as piping, fittings, flanges, steel in all grades of material and a range of valves under DNG Steel & Pipe division.

DNG Marine is a specialist shipping company mandated to collect and deliver LNG to various DNG Energy projects.  DNG Marine will source, own, and operate several FSUs, FSRUs and LNG carriers that will maintain a sufficient level of LNG to fulfill project requirements. Our vessels will be South African registered, and our crew will be locally recruited.

DNG Renewables is part of DNG group of companies. They develop and provide game-changing renewable and sustainable dispatchable energy solutions for the South African and African markets. Their offering is made up of solar and wind power, as well as storage and supply balancing facilities that can adapt to natural weather cycles and create sustainable energy systems that enhance local infrastructure.

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