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DNG Cryogenics aims to be the preferred supplier of cryogenic and related industrial gas storage, transport, and processing equipment in Africa. 

DNG Cryogenics is committed to sustainable practices as these pertain to the environment, the economy, our people through sustainable labour practices and human rights, to the society in which we operate and the various financial components. We are also committed to the production of quality products which meet various accreditation standards in accordance to high levels of manufacturing standards. 

Our brand new 2 000 square metre under-roof manufacturing facility in Germiston, Ekurhuleni, South Africa, underpins this endeavour. 


Whether a new tanker needs to be designed and manufactured or an existing tanker needs to be rebuilt and refurbished, DNG Cryogenics should be the first port of call. 

Our tankers conform to local and international specifications. 

Maximum carrying capacity super insulated tankers for liquid Nitrogen, Argon, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide are designed for the rugged conditions of the African Continent. 

Other options include high pressure delivery pumps, on board flow meters as well as intelligent suspension and braking systems

DNG Cryogenics manufacture a wide range of vaporisers. Our extended surface area design allows for a more economical vaporiser and reduced footprint - very useful when space is a problem. Apart from our standard configurations, customer specific designs are manufactured. 

Available options include: 

      • Ambient Vaporisers 
      • Forced Draft Vaporisers 
      • Steam Vaporisers 
      • Submerged (water bath) Vaporisers 
      • Trim Heaters (low pressure drop) 
      • Single Pass Vaporisers (low pressure drop) 


Low Pressure - Up to 2500 KPaG 

Medium Pressure - Up to 7500 KPaG 

High Pressure - Up to 30000 KPaG and above 

Vacuum Jacketed Piping is the preferred piping solution for the safe, reliable, cost-effective transfer of cryogenic liquids from storage tanks to points-of-use within a processing plant. Vacuum Jacketed Piping is ideally suited to prevent product loss. The vacuum seal prevents heat loss due to convection, conduction, or radiation. 

Vacuum Jacketed Piping consists of: An inner stainless steel pipe through which the cryogenic liquid flows. 

An outer stainless steel pipe that seals a vacuum space forming the "vacuum jacket." 

The line can comprise of a number of modules. These modules can be joined on site by welding with “site joints” or by bayonet couplings. 

Size from 10mm to 150NB standard, larger diameters on request. 

Fully designed and manufactured to clients’ requirements. 

Cryogenic Freezing Tunnel 

From 4 to 20 meters. Belt width 0-66/0-915/1.2 

Liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide. 

Cryogenic Batch Freezer 

Single or double trolley liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide. 

Cryogenic Emersion Freezer 

Specifically designed to clients requirements 

Liquid Nitrogen Droplet Dispenser 

Production line at 60 units per minute to unlimited speed 

Phase Seperators 

Standard design or customer specified. Depressurising or Non-depressurising. 

Packaging Atmosphere Conditioning System 

Gas mixing system for MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) 

Cryogenic Liquid Cylinders 

Portable Cryogenic Liquid Cylinders. Stainless steel units that are road transportable cylinders. Low-loss holding capabilities helps conserve gas during low demand periods. 

Cryogenic Dewars 

Cryogenic dewars are designed for storing and dispensing of liquid nitrogen. Constructed from materials of the highest performance and quality including an aluminium exterior, these containers are not only rugged, robust, and dependable, but also have very high thermal efficiencies. Sizes range from 5ℓ to 100ℓ. 

Dry Shippers 

Dry shippers are designed to transport products at cryogenic temperatures. Liquid nitrogen is absorbed into specially designed material to avoid spillage while temperature inside the shipping cavity remains at approximately -190˚C until the liquid nitrogen evaporates. 

Supply Systems 

Liquid nitrogen supply systems specifically designed and manufactured to each customer's requirement. These systems deliver liquid nitrogen to multiple cabinet installations with minimum transfer loss, all safety interlocks are designed into these reliable systems. 

Biological Freezers 

Liquid nitrogen freezers for cryogenic sample storage. These low-profile LN2 freezers coupled with freezer racks will maximize your storage capacity whether storing boxes, vials, straws or blood bags. In addition, they use as little liquid nitrogen as possible, yet still keeping long-lasting hold times, providing you with stable cryogenic storage conditions for your valuable biological samples. 

Transformer Oil Purification and Dehydration System 

Transformer Oil Recovering Systems 

Gas Phase Transformer Core Dehydration 

DNG Cryogenics are agents for and supply a wide range of spares and equipment from various international specialists including Hale Hamilton Valves, Herose, Taylor Wharton, and Wittgas. These products include the industrial gas and cryogenic industry specific valves and regulators. 

We Supply: 

  • Cryogenic Valves 
  • Cryogenic Globe Valves 
  • Cryogenic Non Return / Check Valves 
  • Industrial Gas Filters 
  • Cryogenic Regulators 
  • Cryogenic and Industrial gas safety relief valves 
  • Actuated Valves 
  • Flashback Arrestors 
  • Gas Mixing Panel 
  • Industrial Gas Analysers 
  • Cryogenic flow meters 

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