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About DNG Renewables

DNG Renewables is part of DNG group of companies. We develop and provide game-changing renewable and sustainable dispatchable energy solutions for the South African and African markets. 

Our offering is made up of solar and wind power, as well as storage and supply balancing facilities that can adapt to natural weather cycles and create sustainable energy systems that enhance local infrastructure. We concern ourselves with supporting our continent with its transition to a sustainable energy future.  

DNG Renewables promotes the sustainable use of clean energy in the pursuit of the advancement of energy security, low-carbon economic growth, and prosperity. 

What we do

In response to the growth energy demand in South Africa and on the African continent, we are committed to the accelerated use of modern renewable energy sources. Our solutions include solar and wind power, as well as storage facilities to alleviate the ongoing electricity supply crises that impede our economic growth and burden the livelihoods of people. Our offering is designed to facilitate a cost-effective transformation to a cleaner and more secure power region. This is combined when necessary with reasonable and sustainable supply balancing projects to ensure responsible dispatch ability.  

We want to promote meaningful socio-economic and enterprise development, preserving and creating jobs to improve the wellbeing of communities while creating shared value among fellow Africans. 

Our objective is to generate clean energy that produces zero greenhouse gas emissions and improve the environmental and economic benefits of societies, especially in disadvantaged areas in desperate need of access to sustainable, reliable clean energy. 

Renewable Energy Benefits

1. Environmentally friendly.
2. Unlimited supply.
3. Low maintenance and long-life spans.
4. Cost-effective and efficient.
5. Health and environmental advantages.
6. Affordable remote and off grid energy solutions.
7. Good storage capabilities.
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Lindo Mbalati

Executive Director

Lindokuhle Mbalati currently serves as an executive director at DNG Energy Ltd. A qualified tax advisor, Lindokuhle oversees DNG Energy’s finances. She cut her teeth in financial accounting at Netcare where she was responsible for compliance and tax. Prior to that, she worked in Global Compliance and Reporting (GCR) at Ernst & Young. Lindokuhle has a keen interest in development and has plied her skills as a lecturer in taxation at Varsity College, Sandton.

Lindokuhle is a graduate of the University of Pretoria where she completed her Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Management Sciences and Honours in Taxation. She is a member of the South African Institute of Tax (SAIT).