Smart Gas in
Power Generation

Why switch to Smart Gas for Power Generation

DNG Smart Gas provides gas-to-power solutions responding to SA’s energy needs. We supply secure, cleaner, and stable alternative energy in the form of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG). This is in line with the country’s national commitment to a just transition to cleaner sources of energy, supporting the economy while solving the current electricity generation crisis.

Reduced Fuel Cost

LNG is up to 25% cheaper than conventional fuel.

Reduced Maintenance Cost

It reduces maintenance intervals on vehicles due to less carbon deposits in the engine.

Stable Supply

DNG has developed a network to enable a reliable LNG supply.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

LNG has reduced CO2 emissions in comparison to conventional fuel sources.

Our Solution for Power Generation


Consistent power supply which will guarantee business productivity ensuring economic growth


Designed specifically for companies, municipalities, residential estates and other organisations


Providing secure, cleaner and uninterrupted power supply

Our Approach

Supply and Installation of generation unit
Supply of liquefied natural gas
Operation & maintenance of the power station

How it works


Cryogenic Storage

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