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DNG Energy believes in serving people’s needs by providing energy – and providing energy in a clean and sustainable manner – leaving the world a better place. Aldworth Mbalati, CEO of DNG Energy, discusses more. Deblina Roy reports.
How is DNG Smart Gas providing a cleaner alternative to traditional fuels like diesel and petrol?

Aldworth Mbalati (AM): DNG Smart Gas is a cheaper and cleaner alternative to the traditional fuels like diesel and petrol in the South African market and it is the first step in DNG Energy’s contribution to the nation’s sustainable development. This fuel alternative offers cleaner, safer and lower fuel costs helping South Africa meet its targets in reducing greenhouse gas from production to use.

How DNG aims to catalyse the growth of a new gas economy in South Africa?

AM: Today, the world is interested in having a carbon-neutral economy, an economy that is going to use fuels that are safer and cleaner to the environment. Also, in order to catalyse growth, we need cheap, reliable and sustainable fuels. For example, if we give fuel to a trucking company at half the cost, that trucking company passes the cost saving to its customers, thus ensuring their profitability in broader terms. It actually catalyses the economy in circulating more money to the entire LNG value-chain.

Without a shadow of doubt, LNG has the potential to drive significant growth and job creation for South Africa. We move LNG in cryogenic virtual pipeline, which led to the process to develop cryogenic based filling stations. Developing a cryogenic industry will ensure that some South African will have get upskill their set of expertise to ensure that the industry grows. This means we’re bringing more people into the corporate economy and the LNG sector has become a catalyst for job creation. 

How are the ‘energy-transition’ goals affecting South Africa’s oil and gas economy?

AM: Gas is going to play a very huge role in achieving the energy transition. If you want to go through a net zero carbon economy, you really need natural gas to play a role. Natural gas can provide base load power, providing fuel as a source of transportation and industrialisation. By 2050, it is estimated that the population of Africa would quadruple in number and in order to service that economy you need fuel and base load power. Gas will play a very important role in terms of catalysing society.

Natural Gas is a fossil fuel that has less carbon emissions. Therefore, attracting the right kind of financing is not a challenge. One thing is certain that we’re not going to get a net zero carbon solution if we stop industrialisation, as we can’t run factories today without power. We need power and energy for that.

To achieve this, DNG is working on the smart gas and the LNG bunkering sector. We’re working on the biofuel segment. We’re planning to launch a specific product where we’ll be supplying bio jet fuel – a sustainable aviation fuel.

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Lindo Mbalati

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Lindokuhle Mbalati currently serves as an executive director at DNG Energy Ltd. A qualified tax advisor, Lindokuhle oversees DNG Energy’s finances. She cut her teeth in financial accounting at Netcare where she was responsible for compliance and tax. Prior to that, she worked in Global Compliance and Reporting (GCR) at Ernst & Young. Lindokuhle has a keen interest in development and has plied her skills as a lecturer in taxation at Varsity College, Sandton.

Lindokuhle is a graduate of the University of Pretoria where she completed her Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Management Sciences and Honours in Taxation. She is a member of the South African Institute of Tax (SAIT).