About Us


DNG Energy founded by South African entrepreneur Aldworth Mbalati, with the vision of achieving energy security and stability with responsible (cleaner) and sustainable (cheaper and abundant) energy solutions for Africa.


DNG starts operating in Nigeria


DNG Energy commences a widescale infrastructure programme that will see over US$5 billion of investments in the next five years, creating thousands of jobs, and driving economic growth


DNG develops an LNG Virtual pipeline solution for Ghana


DNG Energy starts identifying 400 sites near and next to Taxi ranks around the country, that will be home to state-of-the art, smart LNG refuelling stations


DNG Energy commissions South African Shipyards to build an 8,000 tons LNG barge, the largest vessel by weight ever to be built on the African continent, and scheduled to go into service no later than 2020.

DNG Energy announced two board appointments: Kevin Wakeford as Non-Executive Chairman, and Lord Peter Hain as Non-Executive Director.

DNG Energy breaks ground on the first LNG refuelling station in South Africa.

DNG Energy is bringing Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) to South Africa, and in doing so is making a cleaner, cheaper fuel alternative available to the market.

The environmental, social, and economic benefits that come with the use of LNG include helping the country meet its targets in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, driving economic growth, and improving the lives of all citizens.

We are championing the use of LNG for road and maritime transport, specifically for mini-bus taxis, trucks, buses and shipping, as a first step in contributing to sustainable development.

A 100% black owned African entity, DNG Energy is creating a pan African LNG supply network. Over the next five years, the company will be investing around USD5 billion to bring this affordable energy alternative to market.

With development and expansion infrastructure programmes planned for South Africa, Mozambique and Nigeria in the first instance, DNG Energy is looking at the LNG value chain from source to consumption holistically.

The transport of the LNG from the exporting countries to South Africa will happen predominantly via sea. DNG Energy has commissioned South African Shipyards to build an 8,000 tons LNG barge, the largest vessel by weight ever to be built on the African continent. This vessel will come into service by 2020.